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Club fitting? A key element in improving your golf game

Adaptation is key to the Kempferhof training method and club fitting is a big part of it.
From the English verb to fit: adjust, set up and connect, in the golfing world, club fitting is a series of techniques designed to help you to improve your level by customising your golf equipment to suit your body type and your game type according to various criteria:

Body Type:

  • Size of the player
  • Size of the player’s hands
  • Length of the player’s arms

"We are all different so we can’t all play with the same equipment"

Techniques :
  • Swing shape
  • Swing speed
  • Attack angle
  • Rhythm
"Trackman and other technologies enable us to analyse all of these data".

There is no minimum index or handicap when it comes to making a fitting, on the contrary! If you are a beginner, the advice of a professional will help you to improve your game rapidly with the right equipment. If you are an experienced player, a fitting will help you to understand how to lower your index or handicap.

As Laurent Cabanne insists, “It is very important to customise clubs to every level and age group: beginners, competition players, children and older players… If a child plays with clubs that are too heavy or unsuitable, bad equipment will result in a bad swing”.

Golf equipment is very technical and the various brands invest a great deal of money in research and development to enhance performance and grip to give the player full satisfaction.

The development of swing and trajectory analysis techniques, as well as our understanding of swing biomechanics, combined with the regular technical improvements made to new golf equipment, now enable golfers to make an extremely accurate selection of the 14 clubs in their golf bag.

Playing comfort:

  • Some people prefer to play with club blades that enhance their feel for the stroke, while others prefer less exacting clubs to give them greater leeway
  • Some players prefer distance, others accuracy
“It is not enough to have clubs suited to a player’s speed and others for the player’s swing, you have to feel the comfort zone with them”
Whether practising indoors on a simulator or outdoors, all of your shots are recorded with cameras and other equipment. Your movements are then analysed in detail in real time by a golf fitter who has been trained for the job.

Fitting is available for all of our clubs:
  • Drivers
  • Fairway woods
  • Hybrids
  • Irons
  • Wedges
  • Putters

"It is not because we are playing with rigid, heavy irons that we will play an identical drive".

Fitting session  


Eager to provide you with the best equipment currently available (Head, Lie, Shaft and Bounce, with all the options), Kempferhof Golf Club has agreed an exclusive partnership with TaylorMade and has made its Club Fitting Centre unique in eastern France (Trackman Studio – Smart2Move Force Plates – TaylorMade balls – tests outdoors and on the golf course)

It should be noted that TaylorMade supplies the best players in the world, such as Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, the World Number 1, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, etc.

TaylorMade has been innovating for 40 years to provide its customers with the very best in technology in the sole aim of improving their performance.

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