Kempferhof Academy

The team of instructors

The Academy comprises six members, including the Head Pro, Laurent Cabanne, who works with Alexander Levy, a professional golfer from France, and coaches a number of other professionals. Coaching is aided by TrackMan, a technological tool used by the large majority of players on the tour.

The supervision given by the coaching team is custom-designed and the player’s progress lies at the heart of this process.
New Technologies
  • Analysis of your swing and ball trajectory
  • Optimise your distance with TrackMan 4
  • The video shows you whether your swing is successful. TrackMan measures its efficacy and consistency.
  • TrackMan is a radar positioned behind the player, which provides real-time measurements of club data on impact and the flight of the ball.
  • Is used to run a biomechanical analysis of your swing in 3D
  • Use the same technology as pro golfers!
  • The new technologies are used by 80% of pro golfers. Why not you too?
SAM Putt
  • A precise analysis of your putting in 3D

Laurent Cabanne

  • A State-certified Golf Coach
  • BPJEPS - DE - TrackMan Master
  • A specialist in biomechanics
  • Coach to professional golfers

Victor Saur

  • Student coach
  • Undergoing BPJEPS training
  • Champion of the "Grand Est" League 

Louis Fity

  • Club fitter
  • Undergoing BPJEPS training
  • Certified for TrackMan level 1 & 2
  • Certified Smart2Move

Thierry Abbas

  • BPJEPS & DEJEPS Diploma
  • More than 30 years of golf experience
  • Head Pro at the Golf Academy

Jean-Nicolas Stenger

  • Holder of the State-sponsored Certificate BPJEPS
  • Certified TrackMan levels 1 & 2
  • Professional player on the Pro Golf Tour and the Alps Tour (3rd European Division)
    Golf Coach
  • Smart2Move certified

Léo Mathard

  • Holder of the State-sponsored Certificate BPJEPS
  • Certified Trackman level 1 & 2
  • Certified Smart2Move
  • University champion with the French team